Periwinkle names Co-Founder Jordan Evans as CEO

Historically, decisions at Periwinkle were made via committee by its three Co-Founders - Jordan (Jordo) Evans, Cole Johnson, and Seth Lewandowski. But as Periwinkle continues to grow, it has become clear that its time to appoint a formal leader to take us to where we want to go.


We could write multiple paragraphs to explain why Jordo is the right person for the job. We could talk about how he truly cares about each and every customer that calls in. Or how he spends his mornings coming up with guerrilla marketing ideas - not least of which includes a rap about our founding story. Or we could even tell you that Jordo has true conviction and passion for the problems that Periwinkle has the ability to solve.

But if we’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to serve you, then you need no explanation as to why we elected Jordo to lead our company. You already know how much of a rockstar he is. You already know how he made you feel like the only customer in the world. You already know how it feels to be talking to someone on the phone who has the biggest smile on his face regardless of the topic of conversation. You already know that there’s just something different about Periwinkle.

Periwinkle is a family and we wanted our family (You) to be the first to know about this leadership change within the company. We have big goals. We have big dreams. We have big ambitions. And we can think of no one better suited to lead the charge than our own Jordo Evans.


We are more excited than ever to move forward and tackle 2019 under the leadership of Jordo. If you see a long-haired man walking on the streets of Tulsa with a massive smile and Periwinkle hat on, be sure to congratulate him because that is our new CEO.

Shout out to Jordo Evans for being the leader Periwinkle has been looking for.




Jordo studied Molecular Biology at the University of Oklahoma and Northeastern State University. During his final years of college, Jordo worked part-time for a Tulsa-based Pharmacy Benefit Manager, PDCRx working in Customer Success. After graduation, Jordo accepted a full-time position leading the Customer Service team at PDCRx. Jordo now serves as the CEO of Periwinkle with a specific focus on Customer Experience and Operational Logistics.

Jordo, his wife, Hilary, and their exotic shorthair cat, Hank, reside in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where they can either be found either working hard on Periwinkle or taking it easy at Disney World in Orlando.