5 Perks of Having a Clean and Organized Garage 

By: Hilary Evans

Why are we so passionate about cleaning garages? It's not exactly a glamorous job, but we truly believe that everyone deserves a tidy garage they can take pride in. We created this business because we love the opportunity to help people make a complete transformation of their garage space.

We asked our customers to share the biggest reason they desired to transform their garage. Here are the top 5 perks of having a clean and organized garage. 


Perk #1: A Pest-Free Garage

Unfortunately the mice in your garage usually are not this cute!

Unfortunately the mice in your garage usually are not this cute!

When you think of reasons to clean out your garage, getting rid of or preventing critters may not be the first thing to cross your mind...but it should be! Messy garages are lovely homes for pests like spiders, mice, and even rats! Clutter such as old cardboard boxes, trash, and dust can be very attractive to these unwelcome creatures.

Speaking of old cardboard boxes...did you know that cardboard is extremely easy for bugs to chew through and lay eggs in? The crevices in the corners of the boxes are ideal for them to settle in without us even noticing. EW! That's why we offer clear, plastic storage bins as an alternative to cardboard or paper. If the critters don't have anywhere to hide, they will move elsewhere!

Your garage should be an efficiently organized space for you and your family...not a haven for pests!



Perk #2: Allergens, Be Gone!

There's no need to sneeze on your guests!

There's no need to sneeze on your guests!

There are many things that can trigger our allergies (hello, Bradford Pear trees), but we usually associate allergens with the outdoors. It's not always our natural response to think about things indoors that can send us into a sneezing frenzy.

An unkept garage is a breeding ground for allergens.

  • When we drive, we are exposing our vehicles to various pollens that sneak their way back into the garage.

  • Old magazines, mail, books, and boxes - all things that are commonly kept in the garage, can collect mold and dust if not stored properly.

  • Loose trash and unsealed waste containers can bring mold and spores into the garage.

  • Potentially hazardous chemicals such as paint thinner, antifreeze, and chlorine can aggravate allergy symptoms.

Maintaining a clean standard in the garage and storing things in tight, plastic bins can reduce those pesky allergies for you and your family!



Perk #3: Knowing Where ALL The Things Are

How much time are you spending looking for things in your garage?

How much time are you spending looking for things in your garage?

Raise your hand if you've ever been unable to find that ONE tool/supply you need to complete a certain project? It might have been that time you were hanging up a new photograph on the wall, but you just couldn't find your leveling tool. Or that one time you needed to put together a new piece of furniture, but you couldn't locate your screwdriver. It can be so frustrating to spend unnecessary time searching for something in your garage when you have other things to do!

When your garage is easily accessible - thanks to organization and eliminated clutter - you can quickly find what you need and move on! No more monotonous minutes looking for your things!

BONUS: You'll save money because you won't be buying duplicates of tools you already have!



Perk #4: A Safe Garage is a Happy Garage!

giphy (13).gif

It's no secret that a messy garage comes with some safety hazards. Nails, power tools, and bulky piles of junk around the garage can be a risk for children and even adults. Many families use the garage as an entry point to their home, and can be put in a jeopardizing situation when there's too much clutter to get into the house safely. Things may be tripped on or fall over, causing injury. Organized garages are accessible and easy to navigate. Take the time to protect your loved ones from safety risks in the garage!



Perk #5: Parking Your Car in the Garage = Convenient and Smart!

We've said it once, we'll say it again...we want you to be able to park your car in the garage! There are so many benefits to keeping your car safe from the crazy (especially Oklahoma) weather.

If you have a garage, your car should be inside it!

If you have a garage, your car should be inside it!

Rain, sleet, and snow can damage the exterior of your car and create rust buildup. Extreme temperatures and UV rays can deteriorate the inside (fading upholstery and dashboards) and outside (fading paint) of your car. When your vehicle looks great, it not only makes you happy, but it maintains a better resale value.

No one enjoys getting into a hot car in the summer or waiting an eternity for your car to warm up in the winter. You'll never have to wait for your car to cool down or heat up if your car is parked inside your garage. Say goodbye to the ice scraper and dewy windshield!

Cars are an investment, and investments should be taken care of. Keep your car in tip-top shape by parking it in your garage!