Organization Tips

How To Clean and Organize Your Garage

Dealing with your garage can be an overwhelming task, especially if it hasn’t been worked on in a long time. Whether your garage is stacked full of boxes from the floor to the ceiling, or you just need to get some items organized and the space cleaned up, there are several steps you can take to create a cleaner and more functional space. Here's our advice for taking care of your garage the Periwinkle way. 

5 Perks of Having a Clean and Organized Garage 

Why are we so passionate about cleaning garages? It's not exactly a glamorous job, but we truly believe that everyone deserves a tidy garage they can take pride in. We created this business because we love the opportunity to help people make a complete transformation of their garage space.

We asked our customers to share the biggest reason they desired to transform their garage. Here are the top 5 perks of having a clean and organized garage.