So.. What's this #GoPeriwinkle thing all about?

By: Seth Lewandowski

Periwinkle was created to solve a seemingly simple problem - we wanted to help people tackle their cluttered, dirty, and unorganized garages. It really was that simple.

But as we have grown as a company and learned more about our customers, our mission has developed a little further. 



As an aspiring minimalist myself, I have personally seen and experienced the peace of mind that comes from downsizing. Whether it's downsizing your t-shirt collection, shoe collection, or entire wardrobe, downsizing has an effect on our peace of mind that is hard to quantify, but easy to notice.

Have you ever moved? Imagine yourself moving to a new city right now. 


I guarantee if we had a blood pressure cuff hooked up to your arm right now, your blood pressure would have risen as you thought about attempting to pack all your belongings into a U-Haul truck and drive to a new neighborhood, city, or state. 

Why does this happen? It's simply because the volume of our possessions is overwhelming and the thought of having to literally pack everything is almost more than we can imagine. I bring this up because I know how this feels - I know all too well how this feels. 


My minimalism journey started when I moved 5 different times in the span of the last 4 years. In fact, as I am writing this post, I literally just moved again yesterday. One my most notable moves was when I moved from Tulsa to San Francisco with myself, my friend Dan, and all of my belongings inside of a 2009 red Toyota Prius named Sammy driving to San Francisco, CA. There's truly something incredible about being able to pack everything that matters to you inside of a Prius. To be fair, Prius' have impressive amounts of cargo space, so if you are looking for an incredibly fuel efficient vehicle that you can fit an 8.5 foot Wavestorm surfboard (photo for reference) into, you may want to check out the Prius lineup. Okay, let's get back to the point. 

Whether it's the amount of shoes I have, the amount of pens I have at my desk, or even the number of hand towels I have to choose from for my kitchen - reducing the stuff in my life is truly giving me more peace of mind and less stress, which is making me happier, healthier, and a better overall person to be around. 

The #GoPeriwinkle movement was started to help communicate our end goal - helping our customers take a step towards a happier and healthier life. We are inspired and energized by the feedback we get from our customers. And we get it! Cleaning a garage is a nightmare for most people! Heck, there are days when we open the garage door of one of our awesome customers and ask ourselves why we do what we do!

 Who in the world wants to spend their Saturday sorting through what seems to be endless piles of garbage? No one - that's who. 

But back to the point here.

Why #GoPeriwinkle? And what does it mean?

Going Periwinkle means deciding to finally do something about the clutter, about the trash, about the oil stains, about the STUFF! The endless, endless piles of STUFF that seems to inevitably accumulate over time. When you #GoPeriwinkle, you're doing more than cleaning your garage, you are taking the first step towards leading a life where your happiness is not tied to the quantity of material possessions you have, but rather the quality of things you really value and bring you happiness. When you #GoPeriwinkle, you make a decision to let go of the things to make more room for the people and loved ones in your life. You make more room for peace of mind and happiness. 

We want to leave a mark on this world. We want to be a part of a movement away from materialism and towards happiness, peace of mind, and freedom. Freedom from the clutter, from the junk, from the dirt. 

It's time for our country to #GoPeriwinkle and get rid of all the junk so we have more room for the things and people that truly bring us joy. 


- Seth

Co-founder of Periwinkle