Organizational Expert

at Periwinkle

Tulsa, OK

Periwinkle is looking for a smart, driven individual to help Periwinkle transform the garages of our customers. This job is very much "boots on the ground" meaning you will be active in the process of cleaning and organizing garages along with the Operator. While the process you follow is largely the same, each job is different. There are always new challenges and problems that need to be solved on the fly. 

If you are someone who has always dreamed of working for yourself and owning your own business, this is a chance for you to see how it is done firsthand. The things you will learn in this position will teach you far more than you can ever learn in a classroom or from a book.

This is an entry level position and does not have any prerequisites. If you are hungry to get involved in a fast growing company and are willing to work hard, this job is for you. 

This position is hourly and part-time with the potential for pay increases. Even if you have one day a week that you can work, we are still interested in talking to you. 


  • Clean commonly found items inside residential garages

  • Clean and organize items

  • Move items inside and outside the garage

  • Work underneath the Operator to help deliver a Periwinkle Transformation

  • Solve problems and think creatively on the fly

  • Assist with building and installing shelving or other organizational products

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